The Tales of Nana Nini Nana Knows…

This book is about an active ‘boomer’ Nana and her three grandkids, one human and two ‘furry’. Nana loves spending time with her kiddos,especially on road trips where she has a captive audience in the Moxymobile, named after her tow dogs, Murphy and Roxy. Along with her grand daughter, Eden, they enjoy adventures, however events do not always go as Nana planned. Follow the gang as they explore the beauty of Arizona, where Nana’s huge granny panties end up on cacti.

In another story still in Arizona, they look for gold and work together as a team to catch a coyote pup, until Nana makes them let it go back to its home.

On another adventure, they find themselves solving a mystery involving the wild horses of the Salt River.Whlile kayaking with her walker strapped on, Murphy causes her to over turn!

In Colorado, Nana goes skiing for the first time, despite getting stuck in the gondola. Eden and the dogs, enjoy spending time with her cousin and his awesome dogs, Every chance Nana gets, she tells the kiddos about her Life Lessons.


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